Social Responsibility

Contributing back to the community has always been our core value.

Every year, we practise volunteering art workshops in organizations who cater especially to special needs children, senior citizens, or/and communities as a whole.

Social Responsibility allows us to spend a wonderful time together with fellow participants; to build meaningful communication and friendships; and to produce beautiful artworks together. Relevant organizations can also use these artworks from Social Responsibility workshops to raise funds through their own charity events.

Participants can also bring home their artworks from these workshops and share their artistic creations with their loved ones at home.

Some of our Social Responsibility activities:

Sian Chay Medical Institution, Singapore, 2018

Sian Chay Medical Institution, Singapore, 2019

Sian Chay Medical Institution, Singapore, 2020

To know more about Sian Chay Medical Institution, click here.

Group photo with teachers from Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam and Mahakarya Institute of Arts Asia, during one of our volunteering sessions at Pusat Ehsan, 7th August 2019.

To know more about Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam, click here.

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